Val’s Diary


He gave me this diary for my birthday. What a stupid present!
I’m only writing in it because I’m so bored. It’s going to be an awful summer.

    I can’t read it without remembering my childhood.
    Because when I was an elementary school student, I wrote a diary every day.
    And I even talked with my diary by writing and named it!
    So, Val is alike me when I was six-year-old child.

    It is a very interesting book, I think.
    Because she felt that the diary was stupid present, at first.
    However, she wrote the diary every day and everything she did.
    So, she liked the diary at last. What a cute girl!
    And if I were her, I would do same thing that she did.
    I liked writing a diary very much because I can relax.
    I can write many things that can’t tell anyone except my own diary.
    And I can read over and over again what I thought at that time.
    I can also arrange things that are inside of my head.
    So, she wanted to arrange her confusing head by writing a diary, I think.

    If you want to remember your childhood, you have to read this book.
    You can check it at this wab site!


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