How have you been?

On the last weekend, I went to Nagasaki.
I went to with my family and my mother’s friend’s family.
The first day, we went to Shimabara by ship.
Because the sea was rough a little, I got seasick.
After we arrived at the inn, we ate Shabushabu.
It was delicious. And then we played table tennis.
I have never played it before. So, I enjoyed very much.
The second day, we went to Kadusa to watch dolphins!
I was looking forward to it very very much.
We went for a voyage on the small fishing boat.
Because the sea was stormy, the boat was like a roller coaster.
It was so exciting! And we could see many dolphins!!
There are baby dolphins too. They were so cute!
I want to go there and meet them again as soon as I can.
I had a very very exciting weekend!


5 thoughts on “How have you been?

  1. Nagasaki’s a nice place!

    Your blog is very good, but can you add Archives, Categories, and Tags to your sidebar?

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