Today, I retake TOEIC test that I took last year. I made a lot of easy mistakes in the listening test, so I can almost understand what the speaker said this time by listening to it carefully. I read audio scripts or feedback and I could understand although there are some questions I couldn’t answer correctly. In the reading test, I always lose concentration because of the amount of letters or questions. Besides I sometimes feel pressed for time. So I should take a test with thinking about time in the beginning. And I misunderstood idiom or the way to use word. Because I lack vocabulary, I must acquire them as many as I can until the next TOEIC IP test first of all.


Val’s Diary


He gave me this diary for my birthday. What a stupid present!
I’m only writing in it because I’m so bored. It’s going to be an awful summer.

    I can’t read it without remembering my childhood.
    Because when I was an elementary school student, I wrote a diary every day.
    And I even talked with my diary by writing and named it!
    So, Val is alike me when I was six-year-old child.

    It is a very interesting book, I think.
    Because she felt that the diary was stupid present, at first.
    However, she wrote the diary every day and everything she did.
    So, she liked the diary at last. What a cute girl!
    And if I were her, I would do same thing that she did.
    I liked writing a diary very much because I can relax.
    I can write many things that can’t tell anyone except my own diary.
    And I can read over and over again what I thought at that time.
    I can also arrange things that are inside of my head.
    So, she wanted to arrange her confusing head by writing a diary, I think.

    If you want to remember your childhood, you have to read this book.
    You can check it at this wab site!


The Chilly Little Penguin


It was always very cold. One day, Perry found a box.
He saw something yummy inside. But he was too cold to eat it.
Perry went to see his granpa. “I need to get warm, granpa,” he said.

    This is a story about a penguin, named perry, and his family.
    He is cute very much. His family suggested a lot of ways to get warm.
    And he did all things but he did not get warm.
    The ending of this story, however, he got warm and ate something yummy!
    I was glad because it is happy end. I enjoyed reading very much.

Clever Rabbit and the Lion


Lion looked into the water. Another lion looked back.
Lion shook his head. So did the other lion.
Lion leaped at the lion in the water… …and was sert away.

    This is a story about a Lion, Clever Rabbit and many jungle animals.
    The lion always try to eat up all jungle animals.
    The animals have to live in hiding every day.
    One day, a certain idea cross the Rabbit’s mind.
    Thanks to that, jungle animals become able to live freely.
    If you want to read it, let’s check it out!

Brer Rabbit Down the Well


Brer Rabbit looked down at Brer Fox. He laughed.
“Where are the fish?” growled Brer Fox.
“In the river,” said Brer Rabbit. “I’m going to catch some right now.”
Brer Fox howled. “You tricked me!”

    This is a story about Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and a deep dark well.
    The rabbit always runs very fast and the fox always chases him.
    The fox always want to eat up the rabbit.
    One day, the rabbit jumped into the bucket of a deep dark well.
    Nothing can keep the rabbit down for long.
    But the Brer Rabbit is clever very much.
    He maneged to escape from the Fox.
    It’s interesting book. I enjoyed it very much.

Wild School


“Miss Blair, Miss Blair! There’s a hare on my chair.”
“Can I have a hare? Miss, it’s not fair!”
“Miss Burt, Miss Burt! See that bird? Is it hurt?”
“Can it perch on my arm? Loom, it’s perch my shirt!”

    This is a story about a certain school.
    There are a lot of wild animals: tiny birds, rabbits, hawks, owls, and so on.
    The school is always noisy and teachers are always confused.
    I like animals very much. So, I also like this book very much.
    If you like animals, I want you to read it. Let’s check out it!

Clever Rabbit and the Wolves


“Turn around on the word turm.” “This is easy,” said Big Wolf.
“Oh yes?” said Clever Rabbit. “Try it faster.”
“La-la-la! Turn-turn-turn!” sang Clever Rabbit.
He sang it faster and faster. The wolves stomped their feet.

    It is a story about Clever Rabbit and five hungry Wolves.
    The Rabbit is very clever and he always deceices Wolves.
    One day he was trapped but he was able to escape.
    He let them dance and makes them dizzy.
    He is very clever, isn’t he? I enjoyed reading this book.